Outdoor cam & base sd card not recognized

I have inserted a sd card in the base and the camera and neither are recognized. Is there a specific sd card that is known to work with either of these?

I’ve tried a 16G and a 64G. Both cards worked prior to trying them in the base and cam but now the 16G doesn’t work at all, anywhere. Somehow one or both of these are corrupting cards.

Make sure the cards are formatted and don’t have any weird partitions on them.

The 64GB card need to be formatted in FAT32. The 16GB and a 32GB card will work without having to change the format type, I use this to format all cards: Window and Mac downloads available. The camera will not record to the SD unless you are doing scheduled event recording. If you are using cam plus the SD card in the Base will not work, it does work with Cam Plus Lite.


That just seems dumb if your have a subscription and it ignores the base sd card. So I wasted money buying a second one because wyze did not think it important to tell me…,