Out Door Model Needed before anything else

you made a PAN and Tilt Before an outdoor version, come on…

A $40 a Pop for an Outdoor one without pan and tilt with a Decent Simple mount would be nice

and if you feel wild… an add-on Solar Panel/Battery adapter would be nice for another $40

If you need design help on this I am all game to work this out…

Just make sure you do not use LITHIUM and the power line to the panel is no more than 15 feet.

You will need to tone down the power draw if run off of solar… just a touch to make it more energy efficient but again, solar/battery is just an add-on idea…

maybe even a daisy chain power connection.

These would need to work with 48v for distance same as POE, not hard to do and yes the item will be a little larger than the indoor one, this would be a far better thing for me to offer clients that need outdoor on a budget. and if I may ask… PLEASE offer them in 3 colors, White Black and Tan

It has been publicly stated by Wyze that an outdoor camera is in development in concert with the hardware manufacturer. No word on features, specifics or timing.