Order Tracking broken, crashes Wyze app

I had to post this here, as the forum wouldn’t let me post it elsewhere… i ordered a couple things through the app, that was 3 days ago. I open the app, click on shopping, then orders, it comes up, so i select Tracking… app crashes out… that was on my iphone… i try the same on my new iPad mini (everything is updated) and sure enough the app crashes when tracking is selected… bloody Wyze… so many frigging issues, from cameras that suddenly stop working, or poor manufacturing, quality issues, unsatisfactory support… they keep releasing new products in the face of mounting problems, and never address the problems… at some point they are going to hit the tipping point and that will be the end of wyze as customers like me just walk away from them… the only reason i bought anything a few days back is because they were NOT camera’s, and if i bought this one thing, they would through in something for free… thats it…
My latest experience: Sick of failing Outdoor v1 cams - #5 by DeVoiDaNgEl
trust me, im done with their camera’s, interface, all of it… i wont be replacing any of them. in fact, ive made a start on making my own, and with all the available freeware out there, its actually not that hard - and if i want to, i can dip my toe into the AI detection of Amazon AWS with a free account - so i can choose any camera, heck even a webcam. My background helps, IT for 30+ years, but honestly almost anyone can make their own home surveillance/security set up. The software is the hardest, but its out there, free and not too much of a drag to install. bye bye wyze camera failures.

Yes I have the same issue when I had orders I wanted to track

What I had to do was go on the website and sign into my account and then view my recent orders and then I was able to track my shipment .

Have you tried that ?

What’s your app version?

Can you send a screen recording of this?

Also, get an app log and post it here next time it happens. Thanks!

Thank you for the tip. I havent tried that. Heres the weird thing though. So i order it, and it says 3-5 days after processing. I think it was 2 days later when i tried to track it and it made the app crash, then this morning im leaving the house and the package is there at my door!!!

That has to be some kind of record for Wyze delivery… the RC car took almost 3 weeks from when I ordered it. so… all told, i think 4 days from making that order.

Thanks again for the tip, ill remember that in future. DeVoiD

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I cant give you a recording, it would only show you the app crash, plus i dont think id want my order number and such recorded… but at this point that doesnt matter as it is the latest version of the app, and it does the same thing on my iPhone and iPad mini… so its certainly the app. #Rulwiz had the same issue and found a workaround.