Orb hanging on on my daughters crib. Then floats away

Just happened to catch this orb when going back through events. Pretty weird. Also just about every night we hear indiscernible voices talking, with varying degrees of volume. Does anyone have any clues as to what this my be.

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That’s a dust particle close to the lens. The voices are likely crosstalk from other electronic sources.


The “Orb” is very much a dust particle fluorescing under the IR lights. The voices sound to me like a TV in the background?

That particular one looks like a spiderweb strand, in my opinion.

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It doesn’t look like a dust particle to me. But the voices I’m thinking are definitely some kind of interference. Possibly AM radio. Since there is no TV up stairs and I turned the TV down stairs off to listen to the voices. I’m eliminating that as a possibility.

As you’ve already seen in the previous posts there is lots of fun to be had with the IR lights and various reflecting things. Insects in general, and birds, seem drawn to them. If it’s a big problem a night light could give enough light that you could turn off the IR lights and still see it, An external IR source placed away from the cam but illuminating the crib could reduce the number of false alarms.
The voices I don’t know about. That’s one I haven’t had occasion to run into.

That’s a great suggestion. Because it gets a little weird when the IR comes on and moves around and points to something that’s not there when no one in the room. Thanks for the advice.

Remember cameras detect any change of sufficient scale, such as a light coming on or off or a shadow moving etc as motion. It’s not just a person, it could literally be a change in the ambient lighting in the room or a bug, or pet etc. Even pollen can cause it to detect motion.

I get a fair number of motion alerts that I honestly could not tell you what “moved”. If it spooks you to much turn motion tracking off, that will stop the camera from moving.

Yeah - first time it saw one I didn’t know if i has a ghost or what. Spiders can be really bizarre! They usually wind up getting really close and weird.

Looks like a dust particle moving through room. I have seen that numerous times especially when Heat / AC vents are nearby.

We have one that is orb mania in the early morning. It sits under a ceiling vent so I’m sure it’s dust. The way they move is very orb like though. Having just moved into an 1874 farmhouse, it’s an easy way to mess with the kids. #terribledad