Opt out of information sharing

Does anyone know if there is a setting to get wyze to stop mining our information without losing functionality?
Thankfully I have a firewall that blocks most of this stuff, but that obviously isn’t the norm.

What firewall app are you using?

It’s mostly (or entirely) from the app, not the camera, You have a software firewall running on your phone?


I’m using Duck Duck Go VPN for same purpose.


Here are a collection of statements related to the privacy policy and what Wyze uses Segment & Braze for.

Also, keep in mind that the duckduckgo blocker isn’t saying that Wyze was actually tracking all of those things for their use case, it is saying that Wyze is using Braze and Segment and that those 2 are capable of tracking all of those things for other companies, not necessarily saying that the app in question was found to be tracking every one of those things in this instance. An important distinction… That is not too say Wyze isn’t tracking all of them either, just that the only thing we know for sure is they are using those companies and we simply have their statements in the link above explaining what Wyze has said they use them for.

Worst case scenario, someone who is concerned can use a tracking blocker like found through duckduckgo here.

For me, as long as Wyze continues to have a privacy policy that they aren’t selling my personal info and are really only using these things to see an aggregate of what features people like/use or how to improve their UI to be more user friendly, etc, I haven’t worried about it too much myself. I do restrict permissions of other apps more heavily, but Wyze’s privacy policy has always been fairly reasonable to me.


My blocker picks up segment all the time. Never has it picked up 1,234 attempts.
It says “known to collect” which obviously means it is know to collect those things, not that it is necessarily collecting all of them duh.
I didn’t say that they are selling my data, nor did I say their privacy policy doesn’t state they are collecting it, nor did I ask what you are comfortable with.
If I wanted to know the answer to those things or to have them address I would have asked.

Flies do love vinegar I guess.


Hint: Check out the screen Account > About in the current public beta app 2.38.


Wow, little bit harsh don’t you think? All, carverofchoice did was state the obvious. He didn’t attack or deny your claim.



No, what!? You were not harsh or something else?

" little bit harsh don’t you think?"
I don’t consider stating facts harsh.


[Mod Edit] They have ZERO Need for this much information. Amazing how you are trying to justify this insane invasion of privacy from something as i.portant as a security camera. GPS coordinates, name, etc. You think this is ok and you believe wyze just because they wrong something on a website lol.[Mod Edit]

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My apologies for any offense that may have been taken by anything I shared. That was not my intent.
My intent is simply to help share information for any observers who may want it [my comments were directed toward anyone who did want such information]. I honestly respect and support anyone having a different opinion or interpretation.

I am not employed by, nor do I speak for or represent Wyze in any official capacity. My opinions are my own. I am simply a forum volunteer who is very knowledgeable about all things Wyze and has agreed to share that with others to help out in here as many people do appreciate it. As I am not an employee, nor contractor nor representing Wyze in any way, I am also permitted to share my actual real opinions and even criticize Wyze, their policies, products, etc. and I have been known to do so. I am myself in here.

Since I have read the privacy policy and read up on how Braze and Segment work, my only intent was to share with others who are interested what I have learned.

For example, with the GPS, I knew Wyze can collect collect GPS info because some of us give the app location permissions for things on purpose, such as creating automated rules to have Wyze automatically turn off my lights when I leave home, turn on certain camera notifications, lock my door, and turn my heater or AC down since nobody is present, then have it do the opposite when I get close to home, including turn on my air purifiers so I return to clean air. The Wyze app most definitely has to have access to GPS, and I had to specifically give them permission to do so. I expect companies to uphold their privacy policies when they promise they aren’t selling my data to anyone for profit though as they have promised here. That is important to me.

Similarly, for those who do not want the company to have any access to their location, those permissions can simply be disabled through the app permissions with Android or iOS and I help share with people how they can do that. I have also helped teach people how they can block Braze and Segment and other similar things for those who want to do so.

For what it is worth, I currently block Braze and Segment on my phone at the moment too. I also often use a VPN to intercept and block certain kinds of traffic from my phone. I also often do this at the DNS level too. I don’t always have that set, and I go through phases, but I totally understand and respect that stance because I do it myself sometimes too. I also avoid companies like Ring since they share entire videos and any data with people, including law enforcement without even needing a court order or subpoena, and that is not okay with me.

Again, I can totally respect people having different opinions and don’t mind discussing them courteously. If I said something that caused offense or was upsetting, that was not my intent.

Wyze allows users on here to see more of the type of content they wish and less of what they don’t. Anyone who wishes to block me and my content may do so by clicking on my profile picture, then select it again to go to my profile and select “Ignored” so that my content is hidden in the future:

I am more than happy to continue helping out anyone in the way in which they would like help, and hope we can all get along with courteous discussion, knowing there are differing opinions and different people would like to view different kinds of information related to the company.

Regardless, no offense taken and my best wishes to all, sincerely, even to those who choose to mute and ignore me. I totally respect that. :+1:


I, for one did not find anything offensive in your post, it was all informative and I thank you for that.


It’s hard to use ANY of this iOt stuff and not be of (at least) two (active) minds about it.

I believe ol’ Carter (always) has more than two active minds engaged and if you read his stuff (in full) on any subject you’ll soon discover that. :slight_smile:

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Merry Christmas, cats and kittens!



Android production app v2.38.0 (153)


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