Tracking built into the wyze app

There sure is a lot of tracking attempts coming from this app. I opt out of everything to try to have more privacy on the net and apps but it seems like opting out doesn’t matter. I didn’t expect this from wyze since I’m buying products to help secure my home. I’d like wyze to help secure my privacy in the app as well. Regards!

P.S. I’m beginning to wonder if wyze has or can give access to my Cams at home.


I wish they wouldn’t do this but they want to data mine their customer base, I guess, in order to make more money.

Some previous discussion and a statement by Wyze.


I’m not sure how anything squares with anything anymore, but here’s a little history (2019) from a Wyze fellow…

My emphases

Who knows.

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Hey @CTNinja

Are the references provided useful?

Response optional, of course. My curiosity often gets the better of me. :slight_smile:


By the way, this is another reason I stick to using Alexa and TinyCam to operate my Wyze products. They work well, minimalistically, and unobtrusively. (Yes of course I know Amazon tracks the poop out of me.)

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Yes. Very useful thanx!

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Wyze just added google trackers to the app. I dont trust google at all. Please back off the tracking abit WYZE!

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I noticed the Google tracker showing up intermittently on several apps I actively use - Wyze and tinyCam Pro being two.

Probably just Google wetting its enormous beak when and wherever it can…


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Just since this morning! Its rolling nonstop now.