Opt-in infinite loop

I am aware of the Wyze Opt-in to video event recording at a voluntary price policy. I am fine with just having a snapshot of events and do not want the video recording of the event. When I look at the events and tap at a picture thumbnail, I get the Opt-in/Dismiss popup. Whether I chose Dismiss or just x out, it goes back to the main event screen. If I choose the event picture again, I am in the same popup loop. If, instead, I touch the camera name to the right of the thumbnail, I get a blurry picture of someone’s living room. I can never get to view the full still snapshot of the event. It looks like the only choice is to opt-in to the video recording, which I do not want to do.

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I believe that this is a bug that there are aware of. Can you try to click next to the thumbnail (the event itself not the actual picture) and see if that solves it.

Thanks for the reply. Sometimes your suggestion works but many other times all I get is a blurry image of a living room. I suspect it’s some stock image.

I get the same pop up and no event video and nothing in my album. WYZE has forced me in to Cam+ when i was just trying to see event video. So disappointed in your company resorting to this just get me to pay more money, even when i just got the cloud thing.