Opinion: Why an API is important

Many people have been asking for lots of features, they want an integration for their smart home, they want RTSP, they want local control, they want lots of features.

But really the main feature Wyze needs for their products is an API, now I know, Wyze’s main targeted customers are probably not the people who would want RTSP and things like that, but think about it.

With an API, we people who do know what we are doing can use it to integrate it was all kinds of devices, we could add camera, lock, sensor etc. support to smart home platforms like Home Assistant, we could have sensors, locks, cameras, bulbs, smart bulbs, everything integrated into anything we want.

Third party app developers could add Wyze support to unlock new features, putting less work and pressure on Wyze, and giving us more ways to use your products.
Wyze doesn’t offer a desktop App, with an API someone could make their own app and access the Wyze devices.

For example, many users of Home Assistant want to integrate Wyze products, but if we want to integrate cameras for example, it requires flashing alternative firmware and not even getting every feature. If we had a open, local API, it would probably be intergrated within a day.

To put less pressure on Wyze servers, they could have the API all or mostly local.

The reason I am writing this is I saw Wyze marked the thread requesting an API as “maybe later”.

For those who don’t understand, if Wyze has an API it basically means they are opening up their devices to make it easy for devices and software to access.

I hope I can convince the Wyze team to work on an API, it is for the better of the user experience and the wallet of Wyze.


I’ll repeat, Wyze already has an API. The Wyze app uses it. TinyCam uses it.

The only problem is that it isn’t documented/published.


Oh, well it should be pretty easy for them to document it in that case

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