Operation Failed & No Event Recording

All of a sudden today my app stopped sending notifications or recording events. The bell icon in the upper right DOES have a line through it although I can not change it. I have quit the app, restarted my phone etc. I have also launched the live view, let it run and gone to the settings and when I open event recording the schedule is set to ALL DAY and when I open it, the Detects Motion / Detects Sound are off but turn themselves ON when I open it. When I go to Send Notifications everything is off or deselected and when I attempt to turn them on I get “Operation Failed” and I can not turn on notifications. All of my EVENTS from the previous week are gone.

Additionally, I can not RESTART the camera and also get an Operation Failed. I did just get a NOTIFICATION even though the bell is a strike through and no tabs are ON however the playback never loads anything at all.

There appeared to be an issue today that is just now resolving itself.

Yes, noticing that now as well. Seems to fixed itself inadvertently just after typing the post.

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