Unable to see recorded events

I’m trying to watch recorded events from today but nothing is showing and it’s saying it’s not uploaded to the cloud or it doesn’t exist. Anyone else having this issue?

Mine are mostly there but the most recent at 1:55 PM EDT shows a thumbnail but returns “Download Failed” when I try to play back. So more or less status quo here.

Today at 8:30 AM EST my issue resolved on IOS. All events are now showing with a video clip. Notifications are also triggering as expected.

I installed a new wifi mesh and reinstalled 2 of my cameras. Both are pan cams. Both are set to record persons and motion. The one in the living room is recording events but only people. It used to catch my big dogs but either it’s not catching any motion or is only catching people motion. On Aug 2nd I had no events record, and since then I get 3 a day and that is it.

My 2nd camera is not recording AT ALL. The events page says 2 devices and it has the same settings at the living room camera.

The Detection settings are on HIGH because medium was not catching. Prior the change the settings were at medium and it caught everything just fine. Detection Zone has been toggled on and off and whether it’s on or off it’s not catching any events.

Anyone have any ideas why 1 camera records (but only records 3 events a day) and the other records nothing? Both have good signals and I can pan around and see both rooms…just the events recordings are wonky.