Open support ticket

@WyzeGwendolyn, any chance someone can look into why my support ticket 215168 submitted in April has gone a dozen days without update? I answered with the information requested, but have heard nothing from the Returns & Replacement team.

If detail matters, I have four Sense bridges and none of them light up when plugged into the back of Pan where I want them (they work fine in my various v2 Wyze Cams except that contact sensor around 35’ away through one interior wall goes offline). Followup included fact that there is no power at the USB port on back of Pan, and that Pan is under year old.

Interestingly enough, your replies back appear to be coming in as internal notes so we wouldn’t receive the notification that you replied. I’ll let someone know that your ticket is active. Thanks for letting me know about this issue so I could look into it!

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