Open-Source [GPLv3] Software Compliance

When reviewing the Open-Source Software page, I have noticed there hasn’t been the source code released for any new products in the past 3+ years. As Wyze knows, by using open-source software (specifically the GPLv3 and others), the source code for products must be released when that code is utilized by an organization.

The GPL v3 license requires that users release source code updates if they distribute modified versions of the code in binary form. These updates must be released under the GPL v3 license and distributed to all those who have received the software.

This also means that upstream vendor libraries and software’s source code modified and used must be distributed as well.

Since it’s nearly impossible to create and release software now days without using GPLv3-licensed open-source software – especially the Linux kernel – it stands to reason that Wyze is utilizing modified GPLv3 open-source software in their Wyze products. This is evidenced by the fact that several of Wyze’s first products had their GPLv3-licensed source code released; however, products since then do not comply with that same disclosure process.

As far as I – and many others – are aware, there is no exception to that GPLv3 clause and in order to stay in legal compliance with United States law, the source code must be released, even if it violates Intellectual Property or security of the users of the product, or of the organization that developed the product.

This clause exists for many very important reasons. So, it’s reasonable to assume that a company as big as Wyze has a page with the newer open-source software releases. Could someone please provide me that link?