Only 1 out of 4 Wyze cam v2 is good... poor picture quality

I actually have 5x Wyze cam v2’s, but 1x of them is pre-2019 before the images sensor was changed (field of view was wider), so I’ll only compare the 4x current models.

I cleaned each camera’s lens before the test, and the resolution is HD. I tested in daylight and low-light (not IR). See results below. Only 1 of the cameras was sharp, 2 were close to acceptable, and 1 was terrible. Only 25% success rate… What is your experience?

The numbers on the tablet in the daylight pictures are the last 2 numbers of the MAC address. Notice the sharpness of the brick wall, the black bench, the pattern on the blue porcelain side tables, and the sharpness of the pine tree on the bottom. #87 looks good, #3A is terrible looks like it is front focused as the pine tree is sharp, and #21 & #54 are not as good as #87 but better than #3A.

In these low light photos, notice the sharpness of the Milano box and the pattern on the armoire. As the tablet I used previously is black, the letters didn’t show up well in these photos, but you can easily guess which camera is which.