One Time Payment or Annual Option for all Cam Plus options

I am happy with my early adopter deal on person detection. So i wont upgrade to v3.

Not sure if this is the right forum but since one can’t ever talk to a human at Wyze, can’t email corporate nor will the help desk provide any assistance in contacting corporate, don’t know any other way than through the wish list.

With Ring, I can pay $100 / yr for unlimited cameras. It is not feasible financially to subscribe to the Wyze subscription services on a per camera basis. I have multiple cameras and what the same option that Ring provides. I’m ok with doing a per year cost for unlimited cameras. I am not ok with a per year per camera cost. At this point, Yes Ring is more expensive but honestly their service far exceeds Wyze and they seem to be more customer focused. Hence, the request is for a yearly subscription service for unlimited Wyze cameras.

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Yearly payment for Cam Plus Lite

Add an option to pay yearly for Cam Plus Lite instead of monthly

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Cam Lite Plus subscriptions

Is it possible to setup this up annually on subscription rather than having small monthly amounts off of your credit card? Yearly is available for all the other plans.

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I agree; an annual payment option would be highly desirable compared to the auto charge options for Cam Plus and Cam Plus Lite.


I’m new to this forum & not sure where I should post this question.

Can anyone explain to me what “Cam Plus Yearly” is? I got an email advising that I’ll be billed for this in July. I have two Cam Plus cameras and only use them to view my yard. I do not record, etc. I only use them for checking around my yard.

The email says ***** Your subscription is about to renew. This is just a reminder that your subscription to Cam Plus Yearly will invoice automatically on Jul 13, 2022.*****

Is “Cam Plus Yearly” something that I might have signed up for when I bought the cameras? Is it something I need to have for the cameras to work? I’ve tried to find a phone number to call Wyze and ask about this, but I can find one.

I’m a senior on a very fixed income and I do not know how much I will be billed for this and I need to find out what this is all about to avoid any significant charge to my credit card.

I’ll try to check out this forum for any replies. Otherwise, I can be reached at [Mod Edit].

Thanks in advance,

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