One camera stopped working

One of 3 cams stopped working. Won’t reconnect. I tried rebooting WiFi, reformat the micro SD, disconnected and let it rest. It also won’t accept my WiFi ID or password. Any suggestions?

Welcome back @mjarla
What is the camera type, software version, iPhone app ver.
Are there any signs of life, light on, blinking, etc.

firmware is up to date the light blinks it can respond to “ready to scan(or whatever it first says” and “code scanned”…please wait. Camera type is wise cam V2.

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Make sure you’ve typed in the password correctly. @WyzeJasonJ Autocorrect on phone may put space at end of pwd. @Brlepage Verify the wifi password on the “Select device Wi-Fi” setup page by clicking on the closed eye icon to the right of where your wifi password is entered, revealing the wifi password in clear text. @HDRay

Try turning off mobile data on your phone. suggested by @Customer

Try temporally disabling firewall while tryng to connect. @david12

Delete the camera from the app and reinstall.

Update the app on your iPhone.

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I’ve done all but disable the firewall. It was never an issue when i initially installed the cameras.

if you can set up another WiFi on your network without any security. it sounds silly but its a good way to TEST. if your cam connects to the open WiFi you know your cam is working. I had a similar problem on one of my cams. After i tested with an open WIFI i was able to get it working on my normal WIFI. i just assumed it was something stupid i did initially.

after any testing like this remember to disable the open WIFI.

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Couldn’t get my WCO connected so turned off my network enabled devices, opened the firewall and connected the base/camera. Once connected, closed the firewall and it woarked fine afterward. Here is a link to ports required.

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thats interesting. i know they use UPNP to “bypass” the firewall. Wait, they shouldn’t need any of this for EXTERNAL communication (from devices to Wyze servers). are you talking about INTERNAL firewalls?

By External i’m talking about a device that filters data coming into your network. This is normally on your router

by Internal i mean the a firewall that is built into your computer. This is normally a software thing, and for windows 10 IPv6 won’t work without it.

@shifty189 The external firewall in my router. My DHCP assigns an IP to a device which defaults to a group which can not connect to anything but the router’s bit bucket.

Then I create a new class of service with the required Wyze ports and made the camera part of that group. Normally I also restrict external ports to assigned server(s) or sub-net.

Anyway, that didn’t seem to work so I shut down everything on my network except the camera.
Opened the firewall and the camera started working. When I again enabled the fiewall the camera continued to work.

I think there may be something missing from the Wyze Cam port list but couldn’t find it in my log.
Suspect one of the coders added a back door.

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I really hope they didn’t add any back doors. That’s how any company gets on the fast track to my trash can.

I have been slacking for much to long. I have intended to do a proper security audit to these devices since i have the equipment and know how. Plus i watched a talk at BlackHat this year that specifically said “if your using Wyze products you are most likely at risk to this”. I need to look that video up again before my audit, but again i have been slacking.

all that aside, thanks for sharing what steps you had to take to get your devices working. I know someone out there will get use out of it.

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There are always risks and we just have to keep vigilant. Like when I’m asked for my pets name use a password generated bunch of letters and record it. Spread out our birthdays, etc.
Here is one from December 2019:

The problem arose from “a new internal project to find better ways to measure basic business metrics like device activations, failed connection rates, etc.,” writes Dongsheng Song, Wyze co-founder and chief product officer, in the company’s post.

“We copied some data from our main production servers and put it into a more flexible database that is easier to query,” he explains. “This new data table was protected when it was originally created. However, a mistake was made by a Wyze employee on December 4th when they were using this database and the previous security protocols for this data were removed.”


I found another cam that i bought to use elsewhere but haven’t. Its new. I hooked it up and works fine. That tells me that the camera is bad (software or hardware). Not sure what to do with it. I would like WYZE to look at and find the fault. I will try one more test, A new SD card but after that…?

Yes, good idea to open a ticket. Can always use it as a dummy camera. . .

Ya. Put it in my office and let people know it’s there and facing at them.

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