On V2 and V3 too many false notifications on insects, bushes, and shadows of clouds, shutting off

Was receiving a couple dozen false notifications per day, it got to be way too much. Every moth or bee, Every cloud passing over casting shadows. Any bush wiggling. Tried many changes like reduced sensitivity and nothing made an improvement. So I have cancelled two out of three V2 and V3 and keeping a 3d solely for indoor usage that I can turn on at night or when away. Yes, I read forums, looked up support, did general internet searches and nothing worked to improve the situation. I have switched to another brand that uses PIR and the false reports have dropped to less than one per day. The pixel comparison method used by Wyze is useless for outdoors.

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Those sound like motion notifications, did you turn off motion notifications ?

Settings > notifications > turn off “detects any other motion” on the outdoor camera

I totally agree , and not just for the battery camera . The v3 cameras use the pixel algorithm and I absolutely hate it .

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Likely by Whyze Design❗
Once you get the CamPlus then it’s totally better :grin:
16 outdoor cams with very little false triggers using CamPlus on my property

Have you set up a detection zone, adjusted sensitivity, or tried using AI detections?

Yes adjusted sensitivity to much lower. Used Cam Plus. Tried various person and vehicle detection settings. Turned off and on the sound detections. I have had 3 cameras in operation. Since I am retired, I have a lot of time to experiment.

A detection zone does not work with cloud shadows, because clouds are an everyday occurrence here and I am monitoring my garage and a short part of my driveway. The clouds throw shadows everywhere.

Insects fly up to the camera, moths at night and bees in daytime. I tried various settings on the night vision settings and that did not improve. Turning off infrared is counterproductive to good night time security.

Another brand that I am now using, which uses PIR, has been installed for a month while I have been testing it. In that month, only 3 false notifications, one was a wasp that landed on the camera. That compares with a couple dozen per day with the V2. So, the technology does allow a positive user experience.

Yes, I have promptly updated firmware on all 3 units, for a long time. I have also kept up with Support info and Forum postings, to determine if I was missing something.

Cloud shadows move way to slowly to cause an event. Bugs will cause events because they look huge when up close to the camera. PIR is great for detection humans and other large animals, but since they use heat, smaller things you may want to record do not trigger it.

Have you tried enabling the motion tagging so you can see what is causing the event? Can you send a video?

What do you want to be notified of? People, pets, vehicles, packages, what? You should be able to use AI for that. the AIs not perfect, but should be much much better then nothing

I’d like to review the PIR camera if your choice. Can you share? The false notifications are 90% of my captures. Lights, insects, clouds, bushes.

Wish there was a summary of day compilation video like circle 2 has.

This is the downside to cameras that don’t use PIR. The upside is you can get motion detection through glass, which won’t worth with PIR cameras. It’s all a trade off.

I’ve set detection zones to try and reduce the issue but bugs are an issue and not once has the AI labeled a bug. And now that the Sun is setting lower in the sky, I get a lot of shadows. So I’m forced to put up with the motion recordings from them or those areas or I’d have to remove those detection zones and have no coverage where it’s needed.