On/Off Toggles/Schedule for Wyze Sense sensors

Just set up the contact and motion sensors this afternoon. There are times when I want to keep the cameras active but not the sensors. I haven’t seen a way to toggle selected sensors off and on. It would be nice if there was an on/off toggle for each installed sensor in the Wyze app. The only way I can see to toggle now is to remove and reinstall the sensor. A toggle would be much friendlier.


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I’m pretty sure the sensors are on as long as they have power. I agree I’d like to be able group them and hide them from my camera screen.

I would like this feature added to the “shortcuts” options. I currently have my camera’s motion sensing set between home and away. Adding the sensor notifications to these options would be ideal.


I think you can turn on/off notifications for all devices on a schedule under the shortcuts/automate features, which I think includes the sensors. Just no way to turn off just the sensors.

Agreed. My “events feed” is a mile long since I placed the motion sensor earlier. I had to turn notifications off b/c my phone getting notifications every few mins of my wife and I in the living room. It would be nice (like the cameras) to be able to turn the sensors off when your home (at least the motion sensor).


The problem with only turning off notifications is your event feed still logs every few minutes someone is present.

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I would love it if there was a widget on the iOS app that was able to show the status of your Wyze contact and motion sensors.


I agree. Have you tried your idea as I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks.

I did one quick experiment. I went to “add shortcut” → create shortcut → automate → time of day (select time, then select “done”). Under “actions” → new action → “turn off all device notifications.”. Select done/save… Hopefully this will automatically turn off all notifications as of the time you select. In my quick experiment, I had my contact sensors with notifications on, then a after the designated time, I did not get the notifications, so hopefully this can be replicated. I would want to do another shortcut to turn them on at a different time… This is as far as I have gotten on this .

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Did you really mean “Of/Off” - or did you mean “On/Off”?
Maybe a mod can change it if you meant “On/Off”.

Hello! Just like the Cameras have schedule ability, I would like to have the ability to schedule notifications for the Sense sensors. So that after business hours, or during times I am away from home, I can set times for the sensors to go “off” and alert me to movement or openings.

As of the time of this writing, the Sense sensors are not able to be added to a shortcut to set this up as an automation.


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here’s an idea for the wyze sensors.
how about an on/off switch in the app for each sensor like you have for the cameras
I have sensors that id like to be able to switch on/off without having to go into the settings for each sensor


What would happen if you turn off the camera that holds the sensor bridge? Would that effectively turn off the sensors?

I can try that when I get home as I only have the motion sensor active right now and there is not too much activity in the house currently.

Turning off the camera seemed to not work. I turned off a cam. Motion detector still detects.
Unplugging the camera works.

Thanks for testing that @gemniii

We are working on a way to turn notifications on/off via shortcuts, but the sensor itself is “always on”. Would that meet your need?


That would do the trick I think. If you could toggle individual sensors on or off for notification, it wouldn’t matter if they were active. We just wouldn’t get the notification. So perfect for me. Also, is there any way to clear the event list for the sensors?

It would be nice if the notification on/off toggle was simply part of the sensor on the home page or on the sensor event page.

That would be absolutely perfect. Thank you for the feedback and quick response. I really am enjoying your product.