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I now have 8 devices, and sometimes am not sure which are on and which are off .

If all works correctly, when I go to devices, there is either a recent photo if on, and the wyze camera icon (off) if off.

  1. But sometimes if I go to a specific device and turn it off, it says execution fails. why is this?

  2. if it does succeed, and I go back to devices, it still shows a photo. I have to exit the app and open it again to have the device show as off. is there a way to refresh the app while in it so it shows the camera is off.

  3. to turn on , when I open the pariciular camera, it seems to work fine if I click more, and then on second page turn on. But if you stay on first page and tap the icon (off) switch, it seems to cycle and say exit app. if I do this and get back on, it seems to work. is this normal.

thanks Mike

Yes, the next release that is in beta will provide a much easier to discern status. We expect the beta to be released publicly very soon, so please stand by on this issue.

Thanks. But is there an answer to my 3d question, that is, what is the difference between the off switch on the streaming page, vx the on/off when you go to more options.

They should be the same. I can’t replicate the issue you describe in Q#3. However, probably not worth digging into it until the 2.0 app is released (soon) and see if you still have a problem there.

One more thing to note… there can be a lag between taking and on/off action and it being reflected on the devices list. If that happens, you can force a refresh of the devices list by pulling it down past the top of the page.

I see the info on becoming a beta tester, and was curious. First, if you download the app, I assume all your current tasks and settings remain as they were before, and you don’t have to redo everything. Second, can yu download on one device (tablet) but not the phone?

Since I have been asking questions, I have set up a bunch of alexa/ITFFF apps so i can turn cameras on and off etc thru Alexa. Unless I am mistaken, it seems you can only trigger an action with either one camera or all cameras, but not some of them. but it seems you can use the same trigger word and create multiplae apps to get this.

Also you can’t seem to use Alexa to do one of your tasks, which would seem optimal for those that have tasks?

The answer to your first two questions is “yes”. Your settings remain and you can run the beta app on one device and production app on another, both logged into the same account.

I don’t use Alexa with IFTTT/Wyze, so I don’t really know. You can set up individual applets to deal with each camera individually. How those would interface with Alexa is the part I don’t know.

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it is interesting how wyze and ITFFF have different features and would be good if someday the better parts of each are coordinated.

The good thing about Wyze is that you easily can set a task with multiple actions. To do this with ITFFF is more cumbersome - if you want to turn on 6 cameras, you need to create six apps with the same trigger words. Then you get the same result as the task. It seems to work well with Alexa.

The good thing about ITFFF is that there is an action for all cameras. So it is very easy to create an applet to turn on all cameras. THis is not quite as quick on wyze as you have to set up a task and then add each camera as an action.

Another thing that seems like it would be good is if Wyze automaticall turned on camera if you turn on motion detection.


Hi Rick,

yes the new firmware solves the problems. I like it.

It doesn’t seem like the way to refresh to devices, (pull down screen ) works now. Is there another way. I see if I run a shortcut, it runs, but doesn’t show unless i leave wyze and come back.


There are topics in the #roadmap section that you can vote for to allow control via Alexa (which would include invoking shortcuts) and increase the number of features supported by IFTTT. I’ve linked them below. Please hop over to them and vote for them. You must click the VOTE button at the top of each topic for your vote to count.


what about the refresh, is there way to do it now