Older V2 rtsp firmware, need to download

I am using Netcam Studio software with Pan and V2 There is an issue with the newest Rtsp firmware.
An annoying erratic clicking noise on recordings. “Chris1” uploaded the older firmware for the Pan from
google drive, which took care of the noise on the Pan. I still need the older V2 RTSP firmware.
I have found the site to download the standard firmware for all previous versions but nothing for the RTSP firmware versions. Using on V2 with annoying noise.
Can someone direct me to older rtsp firmware location.
Searching has given me no results

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You can download for V2 here:

You might also try the latest beta RTSP firmware from the RTSP Support page to see if the same issue exists:

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Latest RTSP firmware has the noise. Its whats on there now

Ah, you said you were running the latest stable RTSP firmware ( on your V2. The beta firmware is even newer than that and has potential fixes for some issues. It doesn’t look like audio noise is one of them, but it would be interesting to know whether the issue is only on the version.

Ok thanks I will check it out

Do I have to be a beta tester to download firmware? I have applied for beta testing
I haven’t found any link to download any beta firmware .
The audio noise is Only in Netcam Studio

The beta RTSP firmware links are at the bottom of the RTSP article linked above. Here are the direct links:

I don’t think you have to be a beta tester, but I am and I’m already signed in so my apologies if you’re not able to access that page.

Thank you for the links I just wish there was just one page with all firmware and software old and new

when I try the wyze.com/firmware website access forbidden

I found all the standard older software and standard firmware On the release notes page

I have yet to find any Page for beta or rtsp software and firmware
Whenever I search for rtsp firmware and rtsp beta firmware at the top right under support
I cannot find any page such as the release notes page.
I don’t understand why this has to be so difficult
Wyze need to have ONE page, listing all software and firmware in ONE PLACE

I am not a beta tester, was able to find the below page with the RTSP firmware by searching the support pages for “RTSP”:

I then searched for “firmware” and got this page for the standard firmware:

I assume thee are kept separate so users don’t use the RTSP firmware by accident (I would do the same, otherwise they would end up with a bunch of support tickets), these are not standard use and were developed by Wyze in response to user requests (not to many other companies do this for their customers).

Hopefully this helps some :upside_down_face:

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Thanks I did find the page with a few releases of the standard firmware all on One page
I am looking for a page with ALL the Rtsp firmware, Beta Included,
not just the latest

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It would be nice if the filename had the numbered firmware in the title.
Is the link for the V2 beta2 firmware the latest beta firmware?
as I installed it and it is ad date on file is 5-7-19
and the noise is there on 40 and 41

Funny the latest standard firmware installed on one of my V2’s is
4,9,4,169 and isn’t on that firmware page

I believe 169 is still in beta, and I don’t think they add firmware to that page until public release, although I could be wrong.

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Ok thanks I am not sure what the latest v2 RTSP firmware is and I would like to find it, but it appears you have to join the beta group to get it.
I am just experimenting with one camera using RTSP so that all movement is captured to my hard drive and not the cloud

I don’t use RTSP but I will try to find what the latest version is and see if it is beta only.

Thanks I was told to try the latest Beta RTSP firmware
I just dont know what it is

After toying around with every setting in the Wyze app and Blue Iris. I’ve found the best result was to turn Night Vision Mode to OFF.

With that setting on Auto the rtsp stream would drop in less than 60s, at night. I was wondering why RTSP was consistently more stable during the day. Now it makes sense.

And yes, it would be nice if wyze would allow us to download the rtsp firmware that preceded the current rtsp firmware. The previous version was more stable on my wyze cam V2, even with NIght Vision set to Auto.