Oh dear, the tomatoes!

Our garden plants come in at the nursery on President’s day weekend (Las Vegas).

Usually mine sit in the front yard, as I get them done over the coming weeks.

But this time I bought on Friday, started on Saturday, finished on Monday . . . only to find that a cold snap was arriving that night!

So I retrieved the 6 mil sheets from the trash bag on the curb (they’re good for about too years on the hothouse, and then too torn to bother patching).

And figured to test some stuff that’s due to be installed elsewhere next week.

It was 34 the first nights, 33 last night and again tomorrow morning (minimum at about 6AM), and then I think 36 and 40.

Of course, I had to fly out o town yesterday.

So an outdoor cam is letting me watch the temp on the heater:


and a climat sensor is off in the corner.

Set at 50, it hasn’t dropped below 44 so far, and that only briefly.

And the sensors in the corner sheets (without heat) have gotten down to 36, so those might survived).

[pretty much any wind below 40 will kill a tomato in minutes]

so we shall see (both figuratively and literally).

For such an application, it helped to turn off the night vision; the view of the temp flickers and at times can’t be read at all otherwise.


That heater looks melted :astonished: Happy tomatoes for you. :smiley:

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I’ll check again when I get back, but that heater has had too much direct vegas sun (full sun plants can’t hack full vegas sun . . .)

today the camera revealed that the heater was off.

I sent a daughter out, and we failed to get it going. We reset the GFCI socket, but still no dice. My extension cord may have gone bad.

It’s not supposed to drop below 40F tonight, and then up from there, so cross fingers . . .

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it got to 31F, according to the sensor (which is at a far age)

It was hopefully protected from wind’ we’ll see when I get back on Tuesday.
:cry: :pray:

The results are in: it seems that every last plant survived!


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