Thermostat spike

Not good - was working flawlessly then boom - ran for 15 hours.

Agreed, not good. did you realize it when it was happening? heat or cool? I’m on day 68 and haven’t not seen anything like that…

I am on about that time too. Weeks. Been flawless. And then this. Was on heat, I was out of town Sunday and noticed it Monday. I unplugged and rebooted.

Was it really cold that day?
I average about 3-5 hours a day when it’s above 0 here, but for a couple of weeks, the highs were below -5F and i was averaging more like 8-9 hours a day of runtime.

It was not. Seemed to be turning off and on every minute or two.

That’s not good. Did you send the logs to wyze? Maybe they can see what went wrong.

HVAC guys coming today. Might be flame sensor. Who knows! Will report back.

I think problem solved. Unrelated gas valve that went bad. $180 part. Nothing to see here!