OG Telephoto Resolution

Is the resolution of the OG Telephoto sufficient to read a license plate or identify an individual person at a distance of 80 feet?

80 feet, I would say maybe. Identifying a known person certainly yes. Don’t know about a license plate - none of my OG-Tele cameras are pointed in a direction where they would see a plate.


You would need 2k resolution + standstill object to read license plate at 80 feet.

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Thanks for your answer. I’ve got a shed about 80 ft from my house that occasionally attracts unwelcome visitors. My WYZE V3 cam does not have the resolution to provide useful images. The Battery Cam Pro is 2K. Would you expect that cam to provide sufficiently detailed images?

Here are two images from one of my OG-Tele cameras. The first is a view of my neighbors house (at her request). This was taken from an OG-Tele that is inside my front window so it’s shooting through double pane glass. The distance from the camera to her front door is 140 feet. Note that this image was shrunk to 33% for uploading to the forum, however you can read the address number painted on the curb (in the red square). That is about three inch numbers and 95 feet from the camera. The second image is not shrunk, but just the address on the curb and you can see how clear that is.

OG address

As long as the vehicles are stationary you should be able to make that work. Note that the telephoto camera has a very narrow FOV (because it’s telephoto), so pointing it at a parking space or stop sign would work best. Moving objects will be blurry and probably hard to read.

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