OG freezes after a few minutes (was: Cam OG and Wyze View)

My newly-purchased (from Home Depot) Wyze Cam OG is misbehaving, and it’s not all due to Wyze View as previously suspected.

Brought the thing home, unpacked it and set it up. First thing it insisted upon (not just “suggested”) was that I upgrade the firmware, which I did. Finished the configuration and set it up outside and it seems to run OK for a while. Then the image froze (as evidenced by the time stamp no longer updating). Cycled power and tried again, and it ran for a while then froze again. Several more cycles resulted in less and less time between freeze-ups.

I tried restoring it to factory settings and reconfiguring it, still the freeze-ups.

Just wondering if this is a known thing with the OG and the latest firmware, or if any of the rest of you have seen the same thing. I plan to return it to the store but wondering if I’ll have better luck with another one or if I should just get my money back and try to find something else. I do need one more outdoors camera of some kind to more or less complete my property surveillance system… it doesn’t have to do much except send alerts when motion is detected. Any suggestions besides the OG?

Same issue with OG and an old V2. Took them to another house with different WiFi and they work fine. Don’t work in house with Xfinity Gateway.