OG Event Recording and Notifications settings are always identical

I sometimes prefer to record motion but not to be notified of motion. Works fine with my V3 cameras. But with my OG (and doorbell v2) cameras, all settings for Customize Detections are identical for Event Recording and Notifications. If I change anything in one, the other also changes - they mirror each other (the only thing I typically want different is Other Motion).
Already reported to Wyze through multiple levels of support.

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Can you provide us with a screen shot of your Event Recording and notification screens?

On all my cameras and doorbells, I record all motion, but only alert on AI Events like person. I do not set the Vehicle events as this will cause a lot of extra notifications even though a vehicle may be parked. Therefore, I set person notification because if you pull int a driveway, you would have to get out of your car, eventually. :slight_smile:

Here are my settings for the OG

Event Recording area. Notice the red which indicates notifications are off.

This is with notifications on.

Notice that I selected Person, Friendly Faces, and Other Motion (AllEvents) as my Tag and Event Recording. But the Column for notify, I only selected Person and Friendly Faces


Cam v3 and OG have different user interfaces for event recording/notification settings. Cam v3 has separate pages for recording and notifications. Cam OG has a consolidated page for both recording and notifications.

Cam OG settings under Wyze app (Android)

  • Recording all motion and sound events and tagging all AI types
  • Notifications for only Person, Pet, Package


I get it now. OG has a unified record/notify screen, and TAG = Record.
Too many years with v2 and v3 cameras.



Your screen shots look like mine. Didn’t realize OG had unified record/notify screen.



Same here. It threw me off 1st time seeing the OG settings interface. I really love it… AI tags and notification settings in one place.

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Now this is interesting. I have the same version of Android app as you do SeaPup, but for my OG cameras, I have the separate Detection vs Notification pages.
The only difference is my OG cameras are all Tele version.

Same on my iPhone - separate Detection vs Notification pages for the OG-Tele.

Are you running 1.0.71 or later firmware on your OGT cams?

There are separate Event Recording and Notification pages, but the means to select Tag and Notify lead to the same page.

Arghhh… you’re going to make me fire up the #@&*$@# iPhone. :rofl:


I see the same new UI using the iOS app with 1.0.80 firmware on OG and OGT.

Can you post some screenshots?

Blame this confusion on my really bad vision. Normally I wear contacts, but overnight my old glasses. I was reading the forum on my laptop, but still had my glasses on. Makes is sometimes hard to see things well. I had mis-read your screen capture on the Event Recording page - thought it was saying Notification Preferences for the bottom section (partially since you had said that notifications settings had been moved to that page). I had also not realized that it was the Customize Detections page that had both Detection and Notifications on the same page.

I am seeing the same thing you are for my OG-Tele. That is absolutely HORRIBLE wording on the Event Recording page. There is Nothing there that would give any indication that notifications are controlled from there - Especially since the Notifications page is still there.

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Hey, no problem! :+1:

Re: Horrible wording… I agree. The “Event Recording” and “Notifications” pages are being reworked. For this new consolidated feature, the labels are misleading and/or simply incorrect. Also note that the checkbox list header text/label changes depending on your selection in Event Recording. For All Events, detection and AI types header is “TAG”. For Smart Detection Events, detection and AI types header is “RECORD”. Record implies tagging. But if you are recording all motion events, you have the option to tag only what you prefer. Think about that. It makes sense, just confusing labels. Your Sunday headache. :grin: