OG Colors Oversaturated/Blown Out?

I bought two OG’s and two cam pan v3. The OG’s inside my house look absolutely horrible! They are so blown out and over saturated. Outside they look just fine, but inside is atrocious. I this just me? Will this be fixed with an update?


Here is a response from Wyze founders:

Q: The WYZE OG looks washed out compared to the V3 will there be a firmware to correct this and will there ever be a setting in the app where we can make CONTRAST and BRIGHTNESS adjustments ourselves like POE cameras can do

A: The current IQ on the firmware of Wyze Cam OG is a little bit brighter than Wyze Cam v3. Image quality is a delicate balance, where Wyze Cam OG is currently doing better in high-contrast areas, but slightly a bit brighter in well-lit areas. For Wyze Cam OG, we are still fine-tuning the image quality and you can expect some updates in the upcoming firmware. u/WyzeDS

You can find all kind of info in this post:


I see the same.

Yes, see reference above by habib.


I noticed that the colors are not right as well. My granddaughter’s red rav4 is a dull red and in the camera OG (non-telephoto) it appears as a cherry red.

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I’m glad it’s not just me. I felt like I was going crazy. I will wait and see what the updates bring, So far really enjoying these upgrades from my Original Wyze Cam’s they connect so much faster.


I was hoping this was a defective camera that I could exchange. I’m really surprised something so obvious wasn’t fixed before release. I am also discouraged by this weak acknowledgement:

slightly a bit brighter in well-lit areas

The image is not “a bit brighter”; it is incredibly blown-out. Dark reds are eye-bleedingly bright, and the green band is off the scale.

Also, Wyze has promised fixes before, so I’ve started the 90-day clock to institute a chargeback with my credit-card company.


Sam on both of my OG cams. Not happy with them.

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Fingers crossed they fix it soon.

If you are not happy, just return the, Why are you holding on to them?

I did and posted a youtube review of the problem.

I joined this group to find a solution and check the firmware, as I thought the issue with the color saturation and sharpness might be with me. However, I’m disappointed to learn that these problems exist in the camera. I was about to install five of them, but I’ve canceled my order as they’re not suitable for indoor surveillance in their current state. Although I liked the faster connection, I’ll stick with the older version of the camera. :thinking:

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Hopefully new firmware is pushed soon, and it get’s better. My current solution is using the OG’s outside as they seem to do better there. Then use the Pan V3’s inside. Not ideal, but hey for $35 and $20 camera’s can’t complain too much.

I have noticed a noticeably different exposure with the OG. It seems to be a little more contrasty and slightly lower dynamic range.

You can see the V3 Pan and V3 are pretty similar but the OG has a different exposure and color profile. Can’t say which is better. Sometimes the OG looks better exposed, but in this example it is definitely capturing less detail in the clouds. There is also a noticeable difference in bit rate and compression with the V3. In low light the noise and compression artifact are a lot less noticeable with the OG. Bit rates for a v3 bounce from 70-80 to 130-140KB/S where the OG does 70-80 to 280-290KB/S.
Anyone else notice these pic quality differences?

Security surveillance cameras may be designed to produce crisp images in the darkness of night . . . and yet, I suppose that images on OG and OG Telephoto are much darker than those on, for instance, V2.



OG Telephoto

Looks like they fixed it … and then quickly broke it again. The colors today are just as bad–if not worse–than they were on the release date. Very disappointing product and support. :frowning:

Today’s actually been the first day I’ve been pleased with the colors hopefully they’ll stay this way

:smiley: Yeah, can’t complain about yours. I wish I’d returned this thing on day one for a Cam v3. Too late now.

Yeah mine looks great today!

Wow, that’s bad, really bad. I can’t even tell what’s in the picture. Contact support and request replacement my friend. That is not normal.

Yikes, is it like that for all lighting conditions/all hours of the day? what does that view look like normally? What firmware is on that camera? Did you actually contact Support? what was their findings?