OG camera not visible to WYZE android app, but is visible to Apple app

My new OG cam is not visible to “Add Device” in the WYZE app on my android phone so I can’t access it. However, it is visible on my Apple iPad and the camera feed is displayed. Both WYZE apps are the latest update.

Please don’t use the term “the latest version”. That may change before you can post your message and is almost certainly outdated by the time at least some people read the message. Specify the version number itself.
I am using v2.38.1 (161) on my Motorola android, and the OG is the 4th camera type listed on add cameras page. I have not received my OG cameras so can’t test to see if it works.


Latest beta finally available for the Android, so now v2.39.0 (b170) and the OG is still listed as the 4th camera type to add.


I am using the latest Production App for Android version and the OG is available for install from the device selection list:

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