Offline on screen

I installed 2 Wyze Cam V2 cameras recently. However, I kept getting the “Offline” shown on the screen of my iPhone X for one of the cameras. Tried to re-install it and even connect to different networks but I still got the same Offline issue.

Does anyone have similar problems ? On the 1st camera installed, I did not get the same issue. See attached photo.

Thx much for advice or suggestions !

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Swap the cameras locations and see what ya get

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Hi @phonghomes, I had this Problem in 2 situations, my first is the signal to my cam was to weak ( I had it to far from the router out in my shed) the Second time this happened ( I should have known better) is when I had it Next to a Coax cable line, a Power Strip a TV and a wireless router it had WAY to much interference.

I also Agree with @HDRock to swap out the cameras to see if the issue is just happening with that particular camera or if its the location.

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