Official word from Wyze on v1 not working any more?

The free plans are applicable only to the cameras that proceeded the plan. The original Legacy Person detection plan only applied to the V2 and before. When Cam Plus Lite was introduced it brought in the V3. Cam Plus Lite was announced before the V3 Pro, so it does not include it. It, or something similar may include it later, stay tuned. There is nothing obvious here, other than this is their way. To only include devices prior in the plans.


As Cosmo said in Sneakers about organized crime, “trust me, it’s not that organized”.

I mean that I think you are somewhat attributing to design that which emerged by happenstance. For one thing, “legacy” person detection was very much NOT extended to all V2 owners until Lite came about recently.

It’s not been a steady progression of online features based on camera model. They do what they see fit, and the emergence of the “Lite” tier was a pleasant surprise to a lot of us.

Legacy was always about V2 owners. I am a V2 owner, not a V1 owner, and thus it was very much noted by me. Lite was for V3 owners.

But “legacy” person detection did NOT apply to huge numbers of V2 owners, as you know, probably more than most. It only applied to those people who created accounts prior to a cutoff date.

There were many thousands of V2 owners who did NOT have any free person detection option until the Lite tier announcement.

Yes, there is also always a limit to sign-up. You are free to sign up for quite a long time. I think Lite is still available, which gives you free person detection up to the V3.

You’re really positioning this weirdly to me. That’s not how it happened. They added the Xnor.AI person detection as a free firmware feature. Then Apple bought Xnor and screwed over Wyze by rescinding their license. Wyze removed the feature from their firmware, so no one officially had person detection.

Then Wyze spent many months developing an online alternative, and then made that available ONLY to V2 owners with accounts established prior to an older date - even as they announced the feature in July to September 2020 they were telling people who’d bought V2s over the previous 10 months that they were out of luck!

The cut off was November 26, 2019.

Wow, that’s long and original, and doesn’t cover any changes that came after. All I feel I need to say is Lite covered all, and you could pay $0.

Yes, and Lite came to be only at the beginning of 2022. The point is that there wasn’t a steady progression hand in hand with particular models. It’s been far messier than that.

Yes, and those that lose out on Lite may have to wait until the next plan. So sign up for at least that level if you haven’t! :slight_smile:

At this point free plans only cover models released prior. I really don’t expect that to change. They are a business, they must keep the business running.

Last I heard, you are correct Cam Plus Lite will not work on Wyze Cam v3 Pro. Based on the past I would not say it makes it obvious. If you recall (like @customer pointed out) when Wyze lost XnorAI, they gave everyone free person detection that had made the account prior to a certain day and said it would not extend to future products. Then along came Cam Plus Lite and again gave free person detection and extended to newer cams. So going by history they would rename it and extend it out to cover the new cameras. (I am in no way saying this will happen because I do not know the plans).

I would not say they screwed the v1 users although I admit it is not an ideal situation. There was an actual flaw in the firmware that was hard to find and they did fix it (the offline issue). Some are still having other issues which I do not have answers to yet. So no I don’t reply to every post because it would get old to hear me say the same thing. I do come into this thread whenever there are new posts, I do read them and I do pass things along. I have been late in coming here lately because I am covering all the communities right now so I am spread a bit thin. I may go into Discord and joke around, I am also in Facebook talking, but the forum is my baby, I have been on here 3 and a half years as a user, a maven, a mod and now an employee. I am going to speak for myself now and say I feel the users here are my friends and family. I personally have not strayed from that and I will keep letting Wyze know how the users feel. For instance I have already pushed the comment up that you feel we have abandoned Reddit. I am going to do my best to make sure that changes. We should not abandon any of the communities, the communities are made up of the users and the users are what got Wyze to where they are now. You have been in the forum long enough to probably see the comment thrown about how the forum is mainly a user to user community. I have tried to change that, I am in here on a day to day basis and I have multiple other employees frequenting the forum now.

I don’t think they broke any promises regarding the v3 Pro coming out, they never said Cam Plus Lite would extend to future products.


They didn’t break a promise on the V3 pro, but they did on all other cameras. They promised person (or even motion) detection, yet they are very well aware that cam plus lite has an awful bug that can allow a camera assigned to it to fail to detect/notify (kind of an important feature). And this is what makes me angry. What is obvious is they must have LIED!!!, they refuse to acknowledge it!!! and they refuse to fix it!!!

Looking back this should have all been evident. In the beginning, Gwendolyn was so active posting about future features and enhancements that where right around the corner, replying and interacting with virtually ever post. They’re coming - They’re coming - some did, most didn’t. And Gwendolyn just simply stopped replying to posts asking about them. It became wyze policy, ignore the unfulfilled promises and create a new product.

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But do you get it with the original Wyze Outdoor camera?

Gwendolyn did great replying for as long as they could. The problem was not a Wyze policy, it was the fact that the communities expanded at a rapid pace that they were unable to keep up. That is why we have more community managers now. Right now with Gwendolyn out I am trying to do what Gwendolyn was back then and that is cover every community. That is why I am ob the forum late at night or in this instance on a Sunday.

As far as up and coming features, I am the one now working on the Wishlist, it is huge and it is taking me time to sift through it. Figure out what items may already exist, what ones are coming and what isn’t going to happen. I am working with the project managers to get things on the wishlist that are wanted by users onto the Roadmap. Ince Gwendolyn gets back I can start to get caught up in here again and start working on these items. I hate the fact that over time the Wyze presence in the forum became less and less. This is the largest of the communities and it has the wishlist that every community and our support team point people to. I intend to get the forum where there is a Wyze presence once again and the Wishlist being updated like it should be. I am hoping the things I am pushing for end up making a visible impact to the forums over time.


Don’t really want to get in the middle of this “Who’s is Bigger” match going on… But I just can’t resist.

Your quote above :point_up:… That isn’t limited to CamPlus Lite. It happens on CamPlus too. And, it isn’t the subscription plan that causes it, although that’s what you infer. It is because the AI isn’t the model of 100% accurate perfection to which you are obviously entitled.

The problem I refer to basically causes the camera to not be able to report any motion, not missing some. Basically the camera can only be used for live view, nothing else works.

Just so I completely understand this issue, and correct me if I am wrong. It is fixable by removing Cam Plus Lite and adding it back, but the only way to currently do that is by going to Cam Plus and back. There is no way to remove Cam Plus Lite and go to nothing? Is that correct or am I mistaken.


As far as I know. Others have said that assigning the camera to a paid cam plus subscription (to remove it from cam plus lite) and then back to cam plus lite restores the cameras function. There is no way to just remove a camera from cam plus lite, I have even tried moving it to a new account, but it seems to carry the assignment over (and still doesn’t work).

Let me see what I can find out on that next week. There should be a way to remove Cam Plus Lite if someone decides they did not want it.


A thread from 6 months ago about this: