Office cam is offline?

App shows office cam offline…

Well it certainly appears offline…

Well look at that. It’s online…

My only question is why?

This happens occasionally. Usually removing it from power for 30 Seconds or so and then plugging them back in works to reset the online/offline status in the app.

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Still have this problem after month old UPDATE.
power off
you cannot power off camera from app neither.

none of the typical power off fairly tales work.

it was the failed communication to Wyze that they set up their registration server separately.

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Removing it from the power supply (unplugging and replugging) worked for me just yesterday with my pan cam.

Due to many such issues, I have all my cameras connected to smart plugs that I can toggle on/off. Very useful especially if there is some distance between you and the location of the camera. I do use plugs/outlets from several vendors for this, not just Wyze. Just my opinion, but I want another brand in case there are issues with more than the cameras.


Physically unplugged and replugged in camera from power. Worked fine for a short time. Now this…

Problem reoccured. Seems theres no actual fix for this.