Object / item tracking

An “item tracking” option. essentially the user would find the item in question somewhere in their recorded history. they select the item and your software then tracks said item through the recorded history to its last/latest location. Aiding your customers in locating things such as car keys, cell phones, remote controls, wallets etc… This would bring you to the next level of service in your industry… I hope you take these things into consideration because these are the things that I found your products are quite inefficient with.

There are existing Wishlist topics for person/face and animal tracking:

Just my opinion (I’m not a Wyze employee), but I’m pretty sure these would have to be considered before small object tracking. Further, small object tracking would require server-side processing of all video footage. Identifying small objects would be very problematic given camera resolution and possible distance of the objects from the lens. Therefore, while this is a great idea, I have much doubt that it could be feasible.

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Sounds like the camera would need alot of real time processing of live and playbacked footage. Analytics like that maybe a little to much for our little cameras to handle without like mentioned, lots of server side processing. Products like this seem more Enterprise grade, not consumer grade. Imo.