Now that wyze v3 is out , I need ideas

Hope it fits.
Good luck.

If You have the room go for it but remember You have a USB Adapter that also has to fit in there thats a lot of needed space

Someone showed me that there is a flat usb adapter, I just hope it’s enough. If not, I have to think of something else. Maybe I will drill a small hole if this doesn’t work

Found these ball mounts on Walmart web site. You can get a screw that has bolt threads on the other end to screw into wood on one side and the ball mount on the other. They’re called “standoff screws”. Search for this on Amazon to get the 1/4" ones you need (The Hillman Group 44946 1/4-20 x 2-1/2-Inch Stainless Steel Hanger Bolts, 12-Pack). Or search for “bolt on one end screw on the other” and you’ll find it. Walmart has these, too. This would allow simple aiming and reaiming of fixed cameras. Here’s he link and a photo.


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I already bought the ones on Amazon that others have been using.
MENEEN for Wyze Cam Outdoor/Wyze Cam v3 Wall Mount, Adjustable Indoor and Outdoor 360 Degree Swivel Ceiling Mount Bracket for Wyze Cam Outdoor, Wyze Cam Pan and Other Security Camera (2 Pack)
I think I finally figured out how to install my v3 outside my front door. I also bought these

12 Pack Vinyl Siding Screws Hooks, Stainless Steel Outdoor Siding Screw Hanger, No-Hole Needed Vinyl Siding Clips Hook for Mounting Blink Camera, Mailbox, Security Light, Address Plaque, House Number that some one recommend. Because I will not drill holes . I also bought these

200 PCS Cable Clips, 10mm Nylon Fastener Cable Staples with Steel Nail, Round White Wire Clips for Electrical Ethernet Dish TV Speaker

I guess Walmart is starting to sell this stuff too