Notifications stopped working on Feb 12

So I am not getting any notifications. Nothing is being recorded on the cloud.

I can view the live stream on all 3 cameras, so it is not a connectivity issue. But no history is being recorded in the notifications. My firmware is .102, not sure when this was upgraded.


Please advise

Yeah, mine stopped working a few says ago also…

I disconnected the power from the cameras for 1 minute. Now everything is back to normal.

Not sure what the reason was for the glitch but I would assume the .102 firmware upgrade is at fault.

Have you all updated the app(Software) and the firmware on the device? If so, there should be a firmware pushed soon…

My notifications on iphone stopped as well. I did the current update, rebooted phone and restarted camera. I made no changes to app regarding alerts nor did I do any to my phone…yet no alerts outside of app. No alert sound now nor banner on screen. Sigh…


*** update Notifications on my iPhone are now back. I have no idea why but I’ll take it✌?️

Wyze Cam, please stop ignoring these complaints and fix the issue. Android phones have an issue with not receiving notifications!!