Notifications and Recorded Clips

Good morning, since updating firmware and the ios app I am no longer receiving notifications to my phone when motion occurs. In addition to that, when the motion activated recording has happened and I go into notifications I am getting an error that states “the video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud or is waiting to be uploaded.”


Anyone else? I have power cycled the cameras after the update, I have power cycled my phone, I have hard closed the ios app and restarted it.



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same here; wyze has no comment so far

I also have the same problem. iPhone X, latest IOS version, updated firmware on Wyzecam, updated Wyze app, powered everything off/on. Still no notifications and getting the “video clip doesn’t exist…” message.

I’m having the same problem. Although I was getting notifications and then suddenly they stopped and now I just got one about an hour ago. But it seems to be taking a long time to upload the videos. I’ve got two right now that are from an hour or more ago and they still say video doesn’t exist in cloud. But it seems to be catching up slowly because some from earlier are now working.

Ok I just got a notification from 12:50pm and it is now 1:50-1:55pm. And the video for that one is uploaded. Now the next one from 12:55 is not uploaded yet, so it seems to be an hour behind.

Me too. No push notifications. Video clips fail to download. “File does not exist” (Android)


Update: All appears back to normal as of 9pm pst 2/16.




Experiencing the same issue

The one camera that still works after the updates yesterday, it no longer has working notification video clips.


It shows notifications, but it never finishes downloading the video if I try to watch them.


Also having the same issue after upgrading firmware and IOS app…

For the few notification videos that did upload, they are showing up as the wrong camera…


This is quite distressing

Same issue. I get notifications, but get the message that “File does not exist” when I try to view.

Same issue though it seems clips from more than a few hours back today are finally becoming accessible to view now.

I have the same issue on iphoneX with the most current version of the app. I reached out to technical support and created a ticket - I suggest everyone does the same by going to the support tab and then clicking on the lower left link CLICK TO CONTACT TECH SUPPORT.

I installed the firmware update yesterday evening at 7pm PST - the install for all 3 of my cams worked flawlessly. HOWEVER, after the install my notifications to my phone went from normal to sporadic. Although it shows all the videos in the notifications tab of the app, I get no on screen notification.

Then, at 12:20pm PST today (2.16.18), all of my video notifications are yielding the following error: “The video Clip doesn’t exist in the cloud or is waiting to be uploaded”.

Unlike ROBERT, who posted at 2:35pm that his videos are becoming available - Mine are not… Everything seems to have ceased at 12:20pm PST!

Here are the steps I have taken for troubleshooting:

  1. unplug all cams, allow 30 seconds, plug back in.

  2. log out of app, quit app, relaunch app, log back in

  3. log out of app, reboot phone, log back in app

I hope the information I provided is found useful to the Wyzecam team and the people in this forum. I will continue to search for solutions. If i find something I will come back to this forum with a post.

Happy troubleshooting,



Same error happening here. Service ticket submitted.


Same issues here - Wyze please fix this or reverse the update to the previous working version.

Update as of 2/16/18 at 7:45pm PST

the past few hours of video notifications are now viewable in the cloud.


The push notifications still do not appear on my lock screen. Motion alerts are being recorded and appear in the notifications tab of the app, but no push notifications.

Hang in there everyone, I’m sure they must be working on it.

Me too, same problem.

Good Morning Everyone,

It is 9:35am PST on 12/17/18

The issue as almost gone away on all 3 of my cams. Cloud service is functioning as normal, but not all notifications are being pushed to my devices. The video notification is there, but the banners do not appear all the time. Looks like it’s about 90% fixed.

If you are still having issues, try unplugging the cam for about 60 seconds and then plug back in and give it a minute or two to boot up.


Was having the same issues however it seems resolved now. Notifications and cloud uploads seem to be all good again. Just a short term growing pain.


Working normal now.

Sorry, there was a server throughput issue happened on Friday late afternoon/night. It was resolved later Friday evening. Sorry for the inconvenience! There should not be any alert video lost during this event. Thanks!