Notifications on iphone are useless

According to Quora
Apple site discussion

I have just realized that this issue has been there for more than 2 years without resolution.

Why Wyze can’t build functionality to customize notification on IOS to differentiate among other notifications?

I get the same sound for a text message, calendar event than a break in???

According to the information provided on the above links, Wyze as app developer should build the functionality into their app,

There are several suggestions like this on the Wishlist if you want to vote for one or more:

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This issue has been requested for 2 years and the it shouldn’t have marked as resolved. The word “future” means nothing. I don’t want to vote for that. This option must be provided if you are selling cameras for security purposes!

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They just used the ‘solved’ feature of the forum software to put the status up in the first post. That’s pretty useful if a thread has as many responses as that one does.

The actual status of the item is below the subject line above the first post. It says ‘in development’. There can be many reasons a project may take an extended amount of time, including competing resources, but it shows their intent.

Also, I don’t work for Wyze. I am a fellow user like yourself. :slight_smile: