Notifications not being received

Recently purchased some cameras and notifications are not being sent/received by my iPhone XS Max. For first several days it seemed to work fine. Everything is updated to the latest version. It could just be coincidence but the problem seemed to start when I purchased a new iPad and added it to my Apple ID login and installed the Wyze app on it also. At that time I was receiving notifications on the iPad but not the iPhone. I have since logged out of the app on the iPad and uninstalled and reinstalled app on the iPhone. It appears to be working at this point on the iPhone but would like to be able to use it on both devices. Has anyone else had similar issues? Can the app only be used on one device at a time?

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-Be sure that the Bell Icon in the upper right hand corner of the app on both devices does NOT have a small slash thru it. If it does, this turns off the notifications for that device.
-Also make sure that your notification settings in the device Settings on each app allow settings for the Wyze app (Settings/Notifications/Scroll down, down, down to Wyze and make sure its turned on and allowed how you want)
-Also, be sure each app has Notifications set in Account/Notifications /Send Notifications


Yes, you can use the app on both iPhone and iPad and should get notifications on both. In the case where only one is not getting notifications, I suspect that the iOS-level notifications are turned off in the iOS Settings app on that device.

This happened to me to on March 6. I have done all the troubleshooting recommended.

I checked all of the settings on. Both devices and even made sure both were set exactly the same, but still only received notifications on the iPad.

Thank you Tomp. I tried all of this but was still having the problem.

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. You can also submit a request from within the Wyze app by going to Account > Help & Feedback > Submit a Log. This method will allow you to send an app log for diagnosis as well as report your issue. (Note that if you are using a beta version of the app, the log will be sent to the dev team rather than Wyze Support and will not generate a support request.)

I haven’t receive any motion detection from 5 of 8 cams since the last update. Funny thing is that 2 of the three that are receiving notifications are two that I have turned off all notifications and detection zones (plus adjusted sensitivity down to zero to try and stop notifications from them). And one of the two is even using the RTSP beta firmware. Of the 5 that are not sending notifications, 2 have now been turned to max in order to try and get a notification sent. At which point I had to remind myself that I bought cams for their price, not the fact that I bought them from a software company. So now I just ignore them.

Haha…I here you on the price thing and that is the same reason I purchased them. Considering this, the cameras work great otherwise just wondered if there was a fix for the notifications. I have had some sporadic notifications also even with the sensitivity turned down all the way.