Notifications not being rec'd

No longer getting notifications. Have checked iphone/ipad setting as well as Wyze settings. Just wasted 1/2 hour with Wyze support. In the end they said “maybe it’s a problem our engineers are working on”. LIKE REALLY? Is there a known problem or not? I find Wyze support useless and am ready to toss the camera because of on-going unrelated issues. Anyone have any insight?

What model camera is this? Did it start after a FW update, or just randomly?

Wyze Cam v3.
I’m not sure when it started, but I do recall there being a firmware update recently. It’s one of those things where I did not notice I was not getting notifications (no pun intended) and today working in the yard it became obvious as I walked past the camera a dozen times and nothing.

Try removing the cam from cam plus and then adding it again

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I tried that earlier with no change, but just did it again and it seems to have worked this time. Thanks for the assistance.

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I would also clear the cache within the app by going to Account > App Settings > Clear Cache

I would also try to log out and then back in.

If this does not help, here is a link which steps you through what I did in the past to get notifications working:

Thanks for the info. The notifications restarted. Not sure if due to Wyze support doing something or the rec’s from another poster…but I will keep this info in case the problem comes back. Thanks again.