Notifications Mute in Lieu of Geofencing

I’ve seen several discussions of geofencing. While I believe it to be a convenient feature, there are many of us that just don’t want an app to have constant access to our location. To bridge the gap with geofencing, I would love to see a single button at the top of the home screen that is esstentially a “mute all” button. (Or, a “honey, im hooome!” button. That way, when one gets home, pressing this one button will Notification Mute all cameras on the account. Its an easy quick way to replace Geofencing that would be very handy!

That button already exists. It takes two taps to get to it: tap the Notifications tab at the bottom, then tap the gear icon. There it is.

That appears on my app as a Push notification toggle. Does that actually just stop the notifications coming to the phone, or disable sending alerts to the cloud? Im talking about a mute button that disables taking alert video during the muted period…

You are correct, that switch only mutes notifications. It doesn’t turn off uploading of clips to the cloud. There is at present no master switch to turn off recording of cloud clips. It’s not a bad idea though.

@RickO is correct, disabling this will stop notifications but not recording. We do have Alert Scheduling times for blocking out times you know you will be home (I have mine set for a time I know me and my wife will be home). I will take note of your feedback and pass it up to the Dev team for review however, thanks for sharing!