Notifications Issues

I have two cams v2/3. They record video and give notifications when notifications are turned on. But I can’t setup a rule so they only give notifications during certain times of the day. I’ve tried 8AM to 8PM, 8PM to 8AM. I’ve tried sunrise to sunset and sunset to sunrise. And I never know when or if I’m going to get notifications. What do I need to do to fix this issue.

Can you post an image of the Rule itself? We can then determine the issue(s), if there are any.

Also, can you provide the iOS App Version you are using so we can check to see if there are some issues with the App on iOS vs App on Android.


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Here is the image of the Rule I set up. But as I said I’ve used multiple combinations. Also included is my IOS version.

IOS 17.5.1

When did you set up that rule? Has the start time of that rule happened since you created it? If it has, can you go post a screenshot of your rules history please.

The action in that rule will turn your account notifications off. You should be able to tell if this is working or not when the Bell in the upper corner of the app page gets a line through it When the notifications should be off.

With the action you have currently in that screenshot and the times included it should turn off notifications at 7:00 a.m. and then turn on notifications at 9:00 p.m… which is opposite from your label which said you want daytime notifications.

I started a few days ago trying get it setup. I’ve tried AM to PM, PM to AM, Sunrise to Sunset and Sunset to Sunrise. But if I understand correctly I need to wait until the start time passes before it will work?


If youve been editing the actions of the rule, id like to see the different drop downs on the rule history page. Click the down arrow that ive pointed out and then repost that screen shot.

From what i see so far the rules have fired successfully. just need to see what actions ran.

Yes, the logic of a rule is “actions listed fires at start time, then if a end time is listed, the inverse of the listed actions run.” Not “if you are between the times listed, the action is true.” Say your rule ran successfully and it turned off notifcations at 7 am, but you then manually turned notifications via the bell back on at 7:15. then notifications would stay on till the end time, when the rule would turn notifications back on again.

Looks like between the 19 and 20th you changed the actions whereas in the 19th you were turning the notifications off during the day, then on the 20th you were turning the notifications on during the day. Cant tell what the 21st is doing. or what actions ran there but whatever ran was successful.

I think the issue is I’m not waiting long enough for the start time to trigger. I assumed it would update realtime. I’ll try that and see what happens. If it doesn’t work I’ll get back to you.

Thank you for your help.

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