Notifications and User manual

Just installed a V3 in a work shop. Do I really have to turn off the notifications so that I don’t get barraged with them when I am working in my shop?

Is there User Manual (not a set up guide)?

Just turn the camera off is what I do

Welcome to the community @JimPerry . I am a community member as you and try to help when I can.

To disable notifications when you are in the workshop, you have a couple of options:

  1. Open the App and at the top of the screen you will see a bell. Tap on that and ZZZ will display on top of it. This will mute all notifications from any devices you have attached to your app.

  2. Start a Live Stream from the Camera, tap on the Gear at the Top Right. A Setup Screen will appear. Go to the notification area and turn off the Notification setting for the device you would like no notifications from.

  3. You can setup a Rule based on a schedule to turn the Notifications off at set times for any selected device.

  4. You can create a two Shortcut Rule. Go to Rules similar to Step 3, select the + sign in the top right and the select Shortcut. Name the Rule and set an Action. The Action should be to select the Camera in question and then check the Turn Off Notifications. Then setup another Shortcut Rule to Activate Notifications when you leave. The Shortcut rules will appear at the top of the App. All you need to do then is tap on the Shortcut you wish to activate when you would like to.

As for a user manual, I don’t believe there is one readily available. If there is, I am sure someone will let us know. :slight_smile:

Hope one of these options work for you.


Yes, turn the camera, motion detection, or notifications off when you are in the workshop. You can do any of that via scheduled Rules or Shortcuts.

Wyze Cam V3 User Info:

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I’ve fixed that by a technique similar to what I used to stop my VCR from blinking the time after a power outage. On the VCR I used a piece of black tape.
For the camera we have monitoring the living room we use a good paper bag. The kind that will stand on it’s own upside down.