Notification issue with Sound Detection ONLY on CamPlus Lite

Hello everyone,

I currently have all my cameras using CamPlus Lite. However, I only want to receive notifications for sound detection on certain cameras. To achieve this, I have disabled all options for motion detection (including person detection and other motion events), but I have enabled sound events. (I need event cloud recording for both sound and motion, so I only disable the notification setting for motion events)
Strangely, I am still receiving notifications for all motion events, particularly person detection.

Interestingly, when my cameras were on the regular CamPlus (not the Lite version), I had no issues receiving notifications for sound detections only.

To troubleshoot this, I have tested the notifications by moving cameras in and out of CamPlus Lite and CamPlus, and I encountered no issues when using CamPlus.

Has anyone else experienced this or can offer any assistance? Thank you.