Not trying 2b funny ? New Update app msg.?

While I was in the process of activating HMS from my ph, while power walking.

I can’t walk & chew gum, nevermind start an app update. So I waited until, I returned home & settled in.

When I went to see about this app update.
A lil Wyze birdie said, “Check in the Forum” !

I did, & read about a myriad of cam related problems.

“I don’t need no stinking problems !” - A Blazing Saddles Movie reference (1974).

I have the android app, on my android phone.

Should I wait til all the bugs are fixed or is Wyze gonna “Sunset” me, into, this Quagmire of tinkering, Resets n Reboots ?

No shade on Wyze, but at my age, “Set it n Forget it !”. Works best for me !

What say, Ye ?
Thx !

Sorry to say it but Wyze is definitely NOT a “set it and forget it” product…

Every update usually brings some issues, just read this forum.


Maybe go back a bit further, to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948):


I don’t know what Ye would say, but I think the decision you make depends on your comfort level. If things are working the way you generally expect, and you’re comfortable with that, then maybe don’t muck with 'em.

Having said that, I do tend to install publicly-released updates soon after they’re available, but with the recent Video Doorbell v2 firmware update, I’ve been waiting until more users report resolution of the issue with notifications.

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But for those less informed, in the genre of film.
List the movie$ name ?

Too :rofl: !

Where do I find these “Usage Reports”, U speak of ?

“Take me to ur Wyze, Leader”, of that kind of info. !", - Thx !

I didn’t say anything about “Usage Reports”. I wrote this:

[Emphasis added.]

My point is that in an earlier post you wrote this:

That’s unlikely to happen with any developer. We humans are prone to making mistakes, and often those end up in the software and firmware despite our best efforts. As users, we (generally) get to choose what to update and when. We get to use our own critical thinking skills to decide what’s working for us and what level of risk is acceptable if we choose to install “newer and (supposedly) better”.

Ok I will retract my original statement.
& replace it with this one ;

“Should I wait, for all the Catastrophic bugs, to be fixed n corrected”.

Both of my brothers wrote programing code “SR. Pos.”, in the 80’s for fortune 500 CO’s (Insurance + Retail aka Bloomingdale’s)

They could not leave a job or get time off, til the programs & systems ran effectively.

This sounds more like, " Every kid gets a trophy", kinda work.

I got trophies & awards @ work n in sports, when only the best got recognition or awarded.

Lord help us,
If this is the new standard, of acceptability.

I put my son thru the same standards for excellence. He n the kids I coached are now thriving in sports and now work with families of their own.

“We all make mistakes ! But, Winners make fewer than Losers”. Just my “Old Skool” 2¢’s !

I can’t answer that question for you. You get to decide for yourself what you consider to be critical bugs and what you consider to be acceptable annoyances. With continuous development (new app versions, new firmware versions, new products), how do you know when all the bugs you want squashed are actually squashed, and how do you know that an update that fixed some bugs didn’t introduce new ones? It’s like trying to time the stock market. You get to decide for yourself how aggressive or conservative your approach is going to be.