Not sure about this "orb"

Captured what looks like an orb this morning when my daughter was starting to wake up. Very strange the timing of when it comes in contact with her foot and her reaction at that moment. Then at the end of the clip caught another strange shape on the left side of the screen.

[Mod Note]: Re-encoded video to properly display in Chrome browser.

Well, guess I can’t upload photos or video…

Welcome to the forums! There are user restrictions for new folks, New user trust level is upped when you read or reply more, but Let’s see if the @Mods can help here so you can show the vid


The magic “Dust” Orbs strike again…LOL

Once I can upload the video you will see the coincidental timing. Definitely strange. @mods

You should be able to upload the video now


Still would say dust, but add the music, the bounce, and you’ve got me thinkin’ :thinking:

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Yup, just a dust particle near the camera, but cute as a button!