Not able to add credit card for subscription

Trying to add my credit card info to set up recurring charges and it keeps giving me an error:

ERROR: Update failed, please make sure the credit card info is right and try again.

I’ve tried several credit cards, none seem to work. I had Paypal set up originally and tried an update, error. I eventually canceled that and my subscription to add the credit card instead of updating, same error.

Any advice?

Oh, I called support and they advised me to try tomorrow. I’ve been trying to change this for almost two weeks.

One more thing, this is on my PC using Chrome and Win Edge. Tried on other PCs as well.

Still having issues, Tried on my iPad and same error. Also tried updating the billing info with my AE card, same error.

How did you guys resolve this issue? I’m encountering it as well and their support has not really been helpful…The first one disconnected on me. The second one said it was a bank issue, but my bank says they don’t see any attempted charges. The third one asked me to try a lot of different things that I’ve never had to do for any online purchase ever. I was asked to try a third device (I already tried 2 devices on separate networks), try a browser other than Chrome, check my proxy settings, check device time, disable my anti-virus, reset my modem and router…I thought he was going to ask me to reformat my computer.