Updating credit card info

Hi, I need to update my credit card information for my monthly cam+ subscription payments, couldn’t find the way to do it and the chat didn’t help.
I just made a purchase and used the new credit card for payment, did this new credit card payment actually updated my monthly subscription payment option?
Thank you in advance.

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Go to Wyze Services and Login.
Scroll down to Billing Info and click on Update.

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I’ve been following the Wyze links and instructions to change my billing info. and nothing is leading me to a billing link. Very frustrating! I can’t make a payment if I can’t change the billing info. !!!

Go here.

You’ll have to log in.



After you open the link provided and log in go to the top right corner and click on the little profile circle, that will open a drop down window with “account”. I just tried it and it works.