Non-stop clicking as soon as the device has power, no audio prompts or speaker playbacks


Just received a pan cam from amazon, and as soon as I plug the unit it in (either to a computer or wall), it’ll start clicking. I think this is related to the speaker, and NOT the night-vision filter, which seems to be wide-spread itself.

Even though the setup instructions ask you to confirm if you heard anything after pressing the setup button on the bottom, I did not (besides the clicking), I simply continued the setup anyways, and I got the camera working. But still that clicking, every single second, and it’s very audible, not just some minor thing that can be ignored. I think it’s the speaker, because the video feed isn’t showing any constant switch between night vision and normal mode (which work fine on their own), and when I try the 2-way communication, nothing comes out of the unit itself. Video playback on my phone does show that it is recording audio though.

I updated the firmware successfully, reset the camera, disabled/re-enabled every setting I could find, factory reset and re-setup the camera, but so long as the unit has power, constant clicking, like the speaker has a short or something, even when you turn off the camera with the app.

Should I continue troubleshooting, or just start the replacement process through Amazon? Thank you for any insight into this issue!

I’m not a pan cam expert, but that sounds broke to me. Wait a few hours for other responses, tho.