My Cam Pan periodically clicks and fully pans for no apparent reason

I have a Cam Pan pointed at my backyard deck to watch the bird bath. I do not have motion tracking or pan scan turned on. For some reason, the camera clicks and pans every few hours or minutes. At first it seemed to occur randomly, but now I’m thinking it’s whenever motion is detected. It does not track the motion but makes a clicking sound, and occasionally rotates all the way around and back to the original position.

I contacted support before and they suggested restarting the cam and switch on/off motion tracking, but that has not fixed the issue. They gave up and suggested returning the unit for replacement, and I appreciate the offer, but I wanted to see if the community has any ideas before I go through the hassle.

I do not have an SD card in the cam. I do not have waypoints set up. I have tried multiple power sources.

same here