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Maybe it’s just me, but wyze is great when it comes to managing Airbnb. One thing which will be a killer, a realtime noise monitoring in your apartment and notifications. With IFTTT it can play well with automatic texts to guests, asking them to keep it quiet. The camera has all the necessary kit, I guess its mostly software that is missing. I can see how all property managers will die for it :slight_smile:

example company, as always, too expensive to use at the moment.

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Could this not already be accomplished by adjusting the sound detection sensitivity to a somewhat low setting? Is there something else you’d be looking for?


So, you are looking for a decibel monitor?

These aren’t capable for fine granularity, and while they do have a sensitivity adjustment, that is highly error prone to determine what is “too loud”. By that I mean, if they are talking loud near the cam, it most likely would set it off.

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Yeah was looking for a decibel monitor, i know these won’t work as you said its going to be error prone. I was thinking having noise sensor with sense kit can be a great addition. Maybe its not really a popular use case, but within property managers and increasing airbnb regulations, it will help a lot!

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I am looking at solutions for monitoring noise in my Airbnb unit as well. Not sure if the market is big enough for wyze to take on that project. As of now if I can hear them from the cam in the public hallway I shoot them them msg. Do you have any other smart things that you integrate with airbnb? Currently Im making a button or switch for check out using the door sensor, IFTTT Alerts me they checked out, turns off all the lights and thermostat, stuff like that.

Originally looking for a WiFi water leak sensor, read about it in roadmap, seems like a lot of liabilities if it fails. Maybe you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. CamPan already picks up newer fire alarm sounds. I have a $15.00 water alarm hanging in my sump pump now but No WiFi, it does me no good if I’m not home to hear it. Would be great if I could put a Wyze Sense type product nearby to send an alert to my phone. It’s really loud so you could set it up to pick up something over so many decibels. Less liability for you, I’m sure a lot of people already have the same type of water leak detector I have, so Wyze would be an inexpensive add on for my already existing product. Would be great if it would let me see if it’s gone off or not, like if I could check on it while I’m away. That way if it goes off while internet is down, would pick it up later and I could check it. You probably already have the capability to do all of this.

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I know that your camera can be configured to hear for certain smoke or Co2 detectors.

But what would be cool is to either add a custom sound to the detector, or have a stand-alone sound detector that can listen for custom sounds.

For example, there could be a “Train Sound” button in the app that when pressed, the wyze device will start listening for a sound. I would then produce the sound that I want the wyze device to detect, such as my water leak detector because there is no “standard” sound with these devices like there is with smoke or Co2 detectors.

After training the wyze device, if it hears the trained sound again, it will trigger an alert/notification.

The number of applications for such a device is unlimted - for example I could train the device ot listen to my dog barking, or my baby crying, or my car alarm, etc.

Obviously it would be better if I can train more then one sound and assign a name to each sound so I will know which sound triggered the alert.


I would love to see a simple noise monitor that can show the decible levels and send a notification. I can think of many applications but for me it would be used in a rental property to get notified if it’s getting too loud before the HOA gets involved (fined). Anyone from Wyze monitor these pages?

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Could also be set as an alarm in a manufacturing setting where decibel levels are too loud for worker safety or around locked equipment where someone is using loud power tools to defeat a lock (e.g. an angle grinder on a bike lock).

I have an issue with my neighbors car exhaust. The police refuse to do anything, but lawyers suggest gathering evidence that includes sounds measurements, since there are laws about variance in dB. This would be a great feature

Noise Monitor for Vacation Rental (Airbnb)

Vacation Rental owners (Airbnb and Vrbo) are now required by the city to have a noise monitor noise inside the unit that will inform the owner when the guest is making to much noise, so the owner can inform the guest they are making to much noise.

It also needs to be capable of recording the noise level, so there is proof of excessive noise.

The unit can not have a camera on this unit for protect the guest privicity.

Not sure what city is making this requirement. No doubt it’s illegal to record guest and this should be challenged. That said, any camera would work. Just put it inside or behind a cabinet where it can’t “see” and set up notifications for sound.

It would be great to get a simple sound monitoring device in the Wyze arsenal. This device would NOT record the sounds, but would simply monitor the decibels. This way it doesn’t invade privacy.

For example, if you operate a vacation rental and a neighbor complains that there was a party and music all night, you could check exactly how much noise there was; if the guests weren’t noisy you would have proof.

You could also prove to Airbnb that your guests did in fact make too much noise and settle it objectively.

There are many use cases for a sound meter. It would fit right into the Wyze app.

It could be a simple plug and play device, no need for hardwiring.


This is a great idea as cities are starting to require noise monitoring devices inside short term rentals, and the people need to be contacted within a 20 to 30 minute timeframe if the noise level gets above the threshold.

This possibly could be built in to a camera device, but it is against the Airbnb rules to have any live cameras inside the house, so it probably has to be a standalone device.

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Exactly, it would not record sounds or video as to respect privacy. Just monitor sound levels and provide real time / accurate readings. It could just plug right into an outlet.

I would love to see Wyze develop this, and beat the competition which charges a lot for these devices.