No WiFi Wyze Cam

Would love to have a Wyze Cam that doesn’t require WiFi but record’s to a micro sd card.
It would be great to have one that runs on batteries and one that runs on Electricity !

You can do it if you set it up with WiFi, so it can connect home, and don’t remove power.
And do you realize that batteries provide Electricity?

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I have places like barns and sheds that don’t have wifi so that will not work, and not all my barns and sheds/shops have electricity. in this day and time it would be nice to have some way to record should someone break in. I fell like there is a really good
market for something like that as there are a lot of people that don’t wifi at all the places they store equipment and tools.

Thank you

Hairl Dayton Jr

Bury a piece of PVC pipe from your house to one of your barns, then use a shop vac to such a pull string through it and pull a cat 5 cable. Then setup a access point with a cheap old router (turn off DHCP and change it’s IP to Then all you need worry about is power.

Some of them are not even on the same property that my house is on.

That never stopped me from running a line. And there’s always a couple of Yagi antennas and a bridge setup. But people do use these cams in their cars with a hotspot and a seperate device logged into that hotspot to do the actual setup. Once setup, you can turn off the hotspot until the next time the cam is power cycled. Then I think you need the hotspot on long enough for the cam to boot up. Though I’ve not tried any of this.

Yes, that’s why I have a V2 mounted outside (plugged inside) my shed that does not have WiFi.
It is set on
device settings---->advance settings----->local storage—>record events only

It can’t send alerts to my phone but does record the occasional passerby…

I could put it on a battery but that would take more effort. And since the current V2 requires 24/7 ~2 Ah power to detect motion it was easier to plug it in inside.

The yet to come Wyze Outdoor cam is supposedly PIR based so it does not require 24/7 2Ah power,

But if your barns and sheds have sunlight there are always solar power solutions.
/edit - or big batteries

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Thanks for the information. I will look into it.

I agree having a hardwired setup free from the internet completely preventing any possibility of hacking and also allow it to be fed directly into a central box/unit that will display all cameras on the system on a monitoring device or devices. It wouldn’t be accessible while away from the system true. However it could provide better quality playback and a more efficient review of recorded footage and or constant real time monitoring of live footage. With no gaps in coverage or glitching of the playback that plague my system caused by slower internet speeds! This would be my preferred system compared with the current version I’m using… The only downside being the missing notifications and the ability to monitor your system from anywhere. However this process can be frustrating most of the time because it wont play or load or replays the same 10 seconds and buffers for 3 minutes etc… Its more of a headache than anything really