No way to choose Pan Cam v3 and OG cameras on Add Device list

Trying to add my new Pan Cam V3 and OG cameras, but they are not in the “add Device” list! I have updated the Wyze app on the camera, but they still are not there.

Can you provide what device you are using and also include the App version you have installed?

This will help out in troubleshooting


Android (Galaxy) phone, Wyze app version 2.34.075 I updated app, but the Cam Pan V3 and OG phones still not in “Add Device” camera drop-down list.

Which galaxy phone? That app version is several iterations out of date. The production app is up to (January 5, 2023) now.


Galaxy A01. I just went to the Play Store again and downloaded/updated app. It is still the v

What version of Android OS?

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I am trying to update Wyze app again (v 38 …) This time it tells me it was unable to update. am freeing up space to see if that helps.

I finally got the app updated properly! Now, both Pan Cam v3 and OG are showing up in the drop-down list.