No sound on downloaded video since Tuesday 11/12?

I have exactly the same problem on my Android phone with CMC events. I wan’t to buy 10 cameras for wild life recording, but can’t risk it until there’s a fix.

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Just a quick “update” … this issue is still ongoing, and I haven’t heard of any solution/update as of yet.

Has any progress been made on Wyze’s end, or have they even located the cause of the issue?


I’m not the one who would know but I’ll tag someone who would - @WyzeGwendolyn, since you’ve already weighed in here?

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Just want to chime in here that I’m experiencing the exact same issue. Have several CMC videos that I tried to download, but get no audio once downloaded. Audio plays fine when playing back recordings from the Events.

Was there an incompatible w/ iOS audio codec used for CMC? Like, if I play these in VLC will they work?

This is a pretty major bug that should have blocked the release — especially considering we pay a monthly fee for CMC. Like, who triaged this bug and thought, “eh, not a big deal, let’s release anyway”? Saving events is one of the main use cases!


I’m sorry, I don’t have an update for this. I’ll ping the team and I apologize for my long delay.

I hear this may have been resolved in 2.9! Are folks still experiencing this issue with their CMC videos?

Hi Gwendolyn !

I hadn’t bothered to try it yet, as I didn’t know anything had been done yet.

I will give it a go, and get back to you. Thanks for the time you contribute to the group, and how does it feel to have several hundred “kiddos”?



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YES !!!

It works now. Thank you so much for informing me about the fix.

If it’s not too much trouble, I’m beta testing the person detection, and have enabled it on several cameras. Are only people supposed to “trigger” a recording or will any motion still cause the camera to record video. I feel silly asking,
but I know you won’t mind educating me on the subject.

Thanks again for all you do !


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Just tried it again and, unfortunately, now the Wyze app crashes every time I try to export a CMC video.

I’m running iOS v.13.3.1.
Latest version of the Wyze app. (2.9.24)
Tried rebooting my phone, just in case – same problem.
Tried several events from different cameras – same problem.

All my cameras are CMC subscribed, so unfortunately don’t have any regular 12-second clips to test against.

What happens:

  • I select an event
  • It takes a few seconds to load, then playback in-app begins
  • I tap on the video to bring up the option to download
  • I tap download
  • Several seconds of load time goes by and then the app disappears to the home screen

Unfortunately, this is worse than before. :frowning:


Hi @Som. If you haven’t done so already, right after next time this happens, could you please submit logs to Wyze through the app so they might possibly figure out what is happening?

You can submit a request from within the Wyze app by going to Account > Help & Feedback > Submit a Log. This method will allow you to send an app log for diagnosis as well as report your issue. (Note that if you are using a beta version of the app, the log will be sent to the dev team rather than Wyze Support and will not generate a support request.)

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Done. Thank you!


Hey, Jimmy!

I love all my kiddos and being able to help you all. I have the best job in the world (in my opinion). :slight_smile:

I’m SUPER stoked to hear that the bug fix worked for you. As for your person detection question, the algorithm is run on existing videos. So non-person videos are still recorded. Instead of being a filter for what will be recorded, person detection works as a tag to flag those important videos.

Did that help? :slight_smile:

@Som, sorry to hear about the crash issue! I sent it over to the team and let them know that you’re sending in a log. Please let me know the log number you receive when you get it so I can combine those notes.

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Log number is 494367.

Got a response from John C. to try clearing the cache and logging out/in, but that didn’t work. Will see what the next option is.

Thank you!

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Thank you! Please let me know if you find a resolution with the support team. :slight_smile:

Happy to see that the CMC missing sound issue has been resolved (from the sounds of it, anyway). Now my only issue is that I haven’t upgraded my firmware during the last couple of updates, as I didn’t want to lose person detection. So haven’t tested the sound issue myself.

However, I do use the beta version of the app, and was doing some reading on other posts. It sounds like the in-house person detection is now available for all beta testers, although I did see some mentions about an invite/wait-list. Can someone please confirm is the new person detection is available for all beta testers, or if it’s on an invite only basis? If for all, I’ll update my firmware, and start testing the new person detection function


I got home from work, and was impatient while waiting for a reply, so I crossed my fingers and updated the firmware on my least “critical” camera. I was happy to see that person detection is in fact available via the beta app. YAY!!! I went ahead and upgraded the firmware on all of my cameras.

I was also pleasantly surprised that even CMC events from before the firmware upgrade now also have audio, as well. I’m assuming then that the audio issue was due to how the app was processing the video to save to the camera roll, and not with the video itself. But whatever it was, I’m extremely happy it’s been figured out and fixed.

Thank you, Wyze team!

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